Master the on-the-go Smokey Eye Look at TSPA


Smokey Eye Look at TSPA

It’s been a while since the whole world has been jazzing around the smokey eye look. It suits all your styles from first date impressions to a red carpet event. It magically transforms any everyday look to a complete glam avatar with just a few strokes! A nicely done smokey eye is probably all that you need to instantly make a difference to your appearance. Getting a perfectly smoked look for your eyes can though be a little tricky! It might also become quite a mess if done unprofessionally.

Not many of us can dedicate a lot of time to get dressed before an event. Neither do we want to spend a fortune at salons each time we want smokey eyes. The internet is though full of such tutorials, it takes time and practice to master the skill. The Salon Professional Academy in Howell has brought you solutions to all these problems. TSPA Howell in a recent tutorial shares how to get the perfect smokey eyes under 5 minute. This will:

• Save you a lot of money that you otherwise would spend at a parlour;

• Save your time if you stick to all the steps you will achieve the best results under 5 minutes;

• Get what you desire without creating a mess.

Let’s see how to get the best smokey eyes results in less than 5 minutes:

1. Begin on an already prep face. With the base make up nicely layered on the skin, begin by applying a thin layer of concealer under your eyes. Blend the product well as it acts as a base to your smoked eye effect. The smoother the base the better will be the end results;

2. Select a powder or creme based eye-shadow of your choice. Remove the excess of the product from the product. Neutralize the eye area with gently lifting the color from the corners of your eye on the crease section of your eye. Alternatively, you can also choose to add some product on the lower lid line of your eyes;

3. Now, try and add some transition of colors on the eye. Choose a darker color and begin applying from the outwards of the eye. Use simple and shorter strokes towards the inside of the eye. Follow the natural shape of the eye. Now using a lighter shade apply it on the inwards of the eye area. Blend to create a smooth finish;

4. Use some highlighting color on the high points of your eyebrows. This creates a high definition for your eye adding some depth to it;

5. Now, use a kohl or eye pencil on the upper lash line of your eyes. Try keeping it as closer to the lash line as possible. Stretch it outwards to create wing alternatively;

With these simple steps, you shall get the desired results. The experts at TSPA are consistently engaged in producing results for every learner who is passionate in the field of skincare and cosmetology. With a multi-learning opportunity in various fields TSPA Howell, is a one stop solution for all you aspirants of a creative career. Visit now at: or write to them at: