Quick Tips on Choosing A Beauty School

Are you all set to take your enthusiasm for beauty to the next level? If yes, it is crucial that you choose a beauty school that covers all the bases. From expert educators to business skills and aptitudes, you need the entire bunch!

If you are perplexed about your decision, don’t stress! Start afresh with these quick tips on choosing a beauty school.

  1. Start with research

    Prepare yourself as the research may seem a little intense. This is an important step to ensure that your investment is justified and worth it. Before you even make the call and plan a tour, attempt to discover the historical backdrop of the school and the kind of training the educators have. Similarly, pay special attention to the achievements and awards that the school has earned.

    2. Prioritize your checklist

    Organize and prioritize your checklist by identifying which aspects are most critical to you. Decide what is more important to you among the school offering all the skills you need and the program being affordable. Likewise, is it more important to you that the school has an elaborated history or that they have a well-structured placement program? In order to settle on your ultimate decision, we recommend sorting the checklist from the most important to the least important.

    3. Prepare your list of questions

    Prepare your rundown of queries to ask the admission representatives. Do not be hesitant to ask until you get the solutions you need. Make sure you’re completely positive about the information you’re getting. Raising queries enables you to see a wider perspective of the school even before you venture through their doors.

    4. Tour the School

    Make certain to take a tour of the school. Look for cleanliness, diversity of equipment and design of the premises as these are the features of a good school. The last thing you want to take place is to appear on the first day of the class and be baffled by the quality of the premises and equipment. Figure out your school completely before you enroll to make sure it’s the ideal choice for you and your ambitions.

    Learn about the industry connections

    Whether you’re focusing on opening up your own salon or planning to work at an established one, you’ll need to understand the business aspect of the beauty industry. Do not hesitate to connect with the salon owners as they keep interviewing freshly minted graduates from beauty schools. Salon owners comprehend what they need and recognize the schools that are giving the education they want in their employees.

    Keep in mind that great upfront planning can spare you time, money, and vitality over the long haul. The academic curriculum the school incorporates and the additional services that they offer play a significant role in your path ahead.

    A few schools, as TSPA Howell, have an association with brands like Redken that gives them access to additional training and products that can benefit students to a great extent. In addition to a demonstrated academic curriculum, these associations help in creating a well-rounded education that can boost students for achieving success.

    Now complete the above measures and you will certainly be prepared to enroll in a school that suits you best. Start by scheduling your tour at The Salon Professional Academy and explore what makes it the school that would help you to accomplish your dreams!

March 20th Skincare Class “Fantasy” Fashion Show

The Salon Professional Academy – The first Skincare Class that enrolled on March 20, 2017 presented a “Fantasy” Fashion Show held on July 19, 2017.

The day started with Skincare Students getting their models ready to rehearsals to the 6 pm show at The Salon Professional Academy.  We had soft refreshments for the family & friends and a live Deejay with lights to accentuate the event.

There were two judges, Allison, a popular Fashion Blogger and Alexandra from European Wax Center.

The criteria was based on creativity and makeup.

The students spent hours working on the meticulous details striving for perfection.



Three awards were given our for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.



All the models looked fabulous!!







The first place winner, Adrienne, her model below:






The second place winner, Rachel, her model below:







The third place winner, Rita, her model below:










Our Next Class Start Date for Skincare is:

  • Dec 04, 2017 – Full Time

Call/text the admissions office directly at 732-719-4155 or send us an email.


Below are some pictures to capture the highlights: