How is life in a Beauty School in New Jersey?

You must be probably getting excited to begin your journey in the beauty industry. Joining a beauty school is a big step and an important step towards building your career in the industry. Surely you will learn about makeup, skincare, or how to color, cut and style hair, but how you spend your day in a cosmetology school in NJ will vary depending on where you choose to step in.

Top cosmetology schools in NJ provide you with all-encompassing education to turn your passion, talent, and creativity into a rewarding career. Here is a general preview of how life is in a beauty school in NJ.

It’s fun, exciting, and always learning new things.

In a beauty school in NJ, there is less chance of you getting bored. It is the most fun environment where you get the chance to earn new things, improve your skill, and challenge your level of creativity. Cosmetology School is a place where you get to see how rapidly fashions and styles change- a place where there is no shortage of new things to learn.

Always looking fabulous

In a cosmetology school in Howell NJ, you will obviously be taught about various beauty stuff such as makeup, hair, skincare and many more. Hence, you’ll get to do your hair, ensure your nails are looking great, and keep yourself flawlessly groomed and looking fabulous at all times.

You learn how to help others.

One of the primary purposes of cosmetologists is to help others look and feel there best. In most NJ cosmetology schools you will get hands-on training on assisting others in making them look good and strengthening their self-confidence. This is rarely something that might get the chance to experience in other types of schools.

Always preparing for your career

In a beauty school in NJ, you will be constantly be preparing for your future. Every day you will get to learn new techniques, and get a step closer each day to find out that particular aspect you are more passionate about in the world of cosmetology. Cosmetology school gives you the platform to learn more about yourself and create a clearer vision about your goals. Therefore, you can focus on your training to enhance your skills to achieve your goals.

Joining cosmetology school is the initial step toward a career in the cosmetology world. Join one of the top cosmetology schools in NJ, The Salon Professional Academy in Howell NJ, to build your career in the cosmetology world.

Why Choose TSPA Over Other Beauty Schools? 5 Key Reasons

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) is one of the top cosmetology schools in NJ. Since its establishment, the school has transformed enthusiastic individuals into highly-trained, professional cosmetologists. The school offers fully-equipped classrooms and a spacious lounge for students for practical purposes. The highly skilled educators at TSPA constantly train and push students to exceed their expectations during the training so that the students can excel when they enter the real cosmetology world.

Still cannot make your mind about joining the TSPA cosmetology school in NJ? Here are FIVE good reasons why you should choose TSPA over other beauty schools?

Learn using Modern Technology

In an age of technology, there shouldn’t be any doubt that we teach our students using the latest technology in cosmetology. Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technologies to allow students to easily cope with the latest techniques and methods that are ever developing in the cosmetology world.

By the time you have completed your cosmetology schooling in paul mitchell school NJ and are ready to work on your career in cosmetology, you will be highly proficient in the latest beauty practices and techniques, making you quite marketable.

Work with Redken 5th Avenue NYC Products

At TSPA, cosmetology school in NJ, you will get to practice beauty techniques using quality beauty products from Redken 5th Avenue NYC. Redken is a renowned beauty brand in the cosmetology industry. That means at TSPA you get to practice your skills and creativity using professional beauty products. Having prior experience in working with professional beauty products will give a great advantage when you start working in a salon after graduation.

Get the Attention You Deserve

At TSPA, no individual is left out. Each student is given complete attention and the help and guidance they need to learn and progress in the field. Furthermore, the educators at TSPA also help students to recognize their skill and in which type of cosmetology they are truly passionate about- hair, makeups, skincare, nails, etc.

Get Practical Experience

Another great thing about joining the TSPA cosmetology school in NJ is that you will get practical experience. Apart from textbooks learning, we focus more on helping students learn through practical training.

Financial Assistance

Joining a beauty school in NJ can be quite expensive for some of us. TSPA genuinely understands this issue. This is why we also provide various scholarships and financial assistance to students to make cosmetology schooling much more affordable.

Because we feel that your chances to pursue your passion should not be limited by money.

Start your education at one of the top cosmetology schools in NJ today.

Want to pursue your career in cosmetology with TSPA? Contact us on +1 732-719-4155 We can help you make your mark in the cosmetology world.

How a Beauty School Can Help You Pursue Your Passion?

If you are passionate about beauty and makeup than a beauty school can help you accomplish big things in life. Indeed, many passionate people have turned their passion for beauty and makeup to a successful career and now living a life of their dreams- it’s definitely possible for you too. If you have a fascination towards beauty and makeup, then enrolling yourself at a beauty school in NJ like The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), is the first important step that you can take to becoming a professional cosmetologist, makeup artist, or a beauty therapist.

Your skills are developed and enhanced

  • If you have the passion for doing something, then you would definitely want to improve your skills so that you can do it with the utmost perfection. This is exactly what cosmetology schools in New Jersey are established to do.
  • At a cosmetology school in NJ, you will be taught about all the things that revolve around the beauty world. The educators will then impart various techniques and methods that exist in the field of makeup and beauty.
  • By imparting knowledge and training, beauty schools will thus help you pursue your passion more skillfully and professionally.

You become a licensed professional

  • For almost any profession in the beauty field in New Jersey, a state-approved training from a beauty school certified by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology is required. This is primarily to safeguard customers’ interests and protect them from untrained personnel who may cause damage.
  • When you aspire to become a successful cosmetologist, joining the advanced classes in a beauty school can help fulfill your dreams.
  • When you earn a certified diploma/degree in cosmetology, you will not only earn your customers’ trust but also get the chance to work in the leading beauty industry, film industry, or even become a personal makeup and beauty artist for celebrities.
  • At TSPA cosmetology school in NJ, we ensure that you gain the best knowledge and skills while you are pursuing your certification courses in

Improve Communication Skills

  • If you have problems having a conversation with others, then cosmetology will be a big challenge for you. Since you will have to communicate with your customers to learn about their needs and what they expect from you. It becomes your duty to make your customers feel comfortable with you.
  • Beauty schools do not only help you improve your beauty technique and methods, but will also help you improve your communication skills, by teaching and training you the right way to approach your customers.
  • This training you receive in a beauty school in NJ is undoubtedly important for pursuing a successful career in cosmology.

Improve Business Skills

While your passion lies in applying makeup, styling the hair, or performing other beauty methods to make others feel and look beautiful, your income lies in the fact on how you manage your business. At beauty school, you will learn how to run a productive business.

There are more…

TSPA, one of the top cosmetology schools in NJ, has so much more to offer you while you pursue your passion in cosmetology. To learn about upcoming classes please feel free to contact us at +1 732-719-4155 or visit our website at The Salon Professional Academy for more information.

Paying For School Just Got Easier!

Ready to come to school and get on your career path but have had a hard time coming up with a way to pay for your tuition? Well, TSPA just partnered with a new loan company that makes it sooo much more affordable for you to get started!


Climb Credit is a new kind of student lending company which focuses on financing career-building programs to help students get a high return-on-investment from their education. They believe education is an investment toward your future career and earning potential.

Climb Offers:

· A quick online application – with the ability to add a cosigner – completed in as little as 5 minutes with no impact to credit score

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{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}

*{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}


Master the on-the-go Smokey Eye Look at TSPA


Smokey Eye Look at TSPA

It’s been a while since the whole world has been jazzing around the smokey eye look. It suits all your styles from first date impressions to a red carpet event. It magically transforms any everyday look to a complete glam avatar with just a few strokes! A nicely done smokey eye is probably all that you need to instantly make a difference to your appearance. Getting a perfectly smoked look for your eyes can though be a little tricky! It might also become quite a mess if done unprofessionally.

Not many of us can dedicate a lot of time to get dressed before an event. Neither do we want to spend a fortune at salons each time we want smokey eyes. The internet is though full of such tutorials, it takes time and practice to master the skill. The Salon Professional Academy in Howell has brought you solutions to all these problems. TSPA Howell in a recent tutorial shares how to get the perfect smokey eyes under 5 minute. This will:

• Save you a lot of money that you otherwise would spend at a parlour;

• Save your time if you stick to all the steps you will achieve the best results under 5 minutes;

• Get what you desire without creating a mess.

Let’s see how to get the best smokey eyes results in less than 5 minutes:

1. Begin on an already prep face. With the base make up nicely layered on the skin, begin by applying a thin layer of concealer under your eyes. Blend the product well as it acts as a base to your smoked eye effect. The smoother the base the better will be the end results;

2. Select a powder or creme based eye-shadow of your choice. Remove the excess of the product from the product. Neutralize the eye area with gently lifting the color from the corners of your eye on the crease section of your eye. Alternatively, you can also choose to add some product on the lower lid line of your eyes;

3. Now, try and add some transition of colors on the eye. Choose a darker color and begin applying from the outwards of the eye. Use simple and shorter strokes towards the inside of the eye. Follow the natural shape of the eye. Now using a lighter shade apply it on the inwards of the eye area. Blend to create a smooth finish;

4. Use some highlighting color on the high points of your eyebrows. This creates a high definition for your eye adding some depth to it;

5. Now, use a kohl or eye pencil on the upper lash line of your eyes. Try keeping it as closer to the lash line as possible. Stretch it outwards to create wing alternatively;

With these simple steps, you shall get the desired results. The experts at TSPA are consistently engaged in producing results for every learner who is passionate in the field of skincare and cosmetology. With a multi-learning opportunity in various fields TSPA Howell, is a one stop solution for all you aspirants of a creative career. Visit now at: or write to them at:

An Insight to a day at The Salon Professional Academy Howell

What a fun day it was at Tspa Howell we brought Hawaii right to the academy !

It was deary and a misty day outside but inside we were planning a bright sunny Hawaii’s escape!!

The plan in action was for days to come where the director Jyoti and the staff planned the happenings of the second half of the day . It was potluck everyone brought food and drinks. We had everything from guacamole to dips to meat and desert and coffee!! Teachers put together relay races with Skin Care and Cosmo students. Winners won prizes for the race, Congo line was a lot of fun too. The VP whose also a DJ and wears many hats at the academy played some awesome tunes !!

More importantly luau was fun and a learning experience with great teamwork displayed from all our amazing students. We strive for great education but also respect and kindness which all follows hand in hand.

For more information on our Program, please follow the link below:


Be the Reason For Someone’s Beautiful Smile By Learning Aesthetic Skill- TSPA


A naturally glowing look is a desired by many. You can master the art of crafting a beautiful smile with career in the beauty industry. At, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) we aim to provide you with a quality education, which would open many doors to a brighter future in cosmetology. Our aim is to take your potential to new heights by educating you about the latest technologies used for aesthetical industry. Our beauty school also teaches you about proven business and marketing strategies. We are the best choice for someone who is infused with artistic perception in aesthetics and hairstyling. We at TSPA, polish your skills, to prepare you for the challenges that come across in the beauty industry.

Benefits Of Joining TSPA for Pursuing a Career in Cosmetology:

• We provide personalize hand-on training that enables an extensive engaging environment.

• We will train you to be a proficient professional in beauty industry. With our provision of modern technological advancements for cosmetology you will achieve new heights in the career.

• Our curriculum will enhance your ability to grow clientele and increase retail sales. These abilities will create high demand for you in the aesthetic profession.

• With our professional trainers and educators, your skills will get crafted with excellence.
With our extensive education and indulging programs, you’ll be able to gratify the look of your clients. Before further ado enroll today in our new batch at The Salon Professional Academy in Howell. Dates for our new classes are:

Sep 17, 2018 – Full Time

Oct 29, 2018 – Full Time

Hurry up! And a step ahead to a brighter future with us. To know more about TSPA services in Howell or our provisions, visit

Learn the Skill of Contouring, Defining and Adding to the God’s Creation


We are God’s own creation. There is no manual or law that talks about the perfect structure of your nose or the only shape that can make your face look beautiful. The most effortless appearance of a person is the way they have been created and there is simply nothing wrong about it! God has created man with the perfectly balanced aesthetical features that are unique and goes well along their facial symmetry. All you need to do is maintain the natural look by creating and defining a balance with Makeup. Makeup is not a tool to transform the way you naturally look, but to enhance elements that already exist naturally.

Makeup is often mistaken as something that is unnatural and artificial. Also, it is dawned upon by some as a customary meant for celebrities and not the masses. Makeup is for every small or big or at work situation.

Let’s Understand What Makes Makeup An Extraordinary Way Of Glaming Up Your Everyday Life:

1. For the days that are bad, you still have a Lipstick! This is the most underrated aspect about makeup. Wearing your favorite cosmetic makes you feel good about yourself. Women all around the world invest in a lot of emotions in their vanity. This is because adding an extra cosmetic glam to their appearance not only fills them with confidence but has also proved to replace negative feelings with empowered happiness;

2. Is it one of those occasions wherein you want an extra derivation of people towards you? Applying a little makeup immediately draws everyone’s attention and is also quite helpful at creating a favorable first impression. So, the next time bring along those brushes to sharpen you as a person. It has been proved that a beautiful face and strong mind is the most effective;

3. It is not about changing the way you look, instead, it is helping you look the way you are. Makeup lets you hide those unwanted scars, blemishes or breakouts while perfectly letting you love the way you look without any flaws;

Becoming a makeover artist or the perfect cosmetologist as a profession is being consistently encouraged and enjoyed in youths with a nag for uniqueness. It is the skill to go ahead in defining and enhancing the god’s creation to make it look even more beautiful. With the world sprawling and not seem to be stopping with salons and makeover studios, choosing makeup as a career is only going to get better. At, The Salon professional academy or TSPA, offers several academic programs and salon training to learners in barbering, cosmetology, skin care, manicure and hair styling. The Salon Professional academy is one of the choicest in US and Canada and delivers professional excellence to all students. Visit their website: or write to them at:

We Make Your Dream Of Becoming An Esthetician A Reality With TSPA

Everyone loves when they look flawless and their skin shines in a natural glow. As a professional esthetician, you would be the reason for the smiling faces of your clients. Being a specialist, you can master skin care remedies and cater a flawless look. We, at The Salon Professional Academy, offer you the learning of an advanced technique to perfect a look. In addition to our specialty, we would help enhance your creativity to apply make-up products.

At TSPA, we educate you about the business strategies and provide training in guest services. Our impeccable beauty programs will educate you with all the necessary skills demanded by top salons and spas. We are infused with technical advancements that will help you become an industry leader in skincare. Below are some of the advantages that you’ll acquire while training with us:

  • A provision for critical business and communication skills to prepare for the aesthetical industry.
    Open opportunities, prior to graduation in leading spas and salons.
  • Our training would enhance your guest’s experience and artistry approach towards make-up application.
  • Your skills will be enhanced according to the modern world demands with our provision of high- tech equipment’s.

With our beauty school programs you can master the techniques to make skin look and feel healthier. Be a skin expert and master the art of beauty while taking make-up to a whole new level. Our team can provide you with a personalized experience while you are approaching to new heights of skin care with us. Being an esthetics will allow you to gratify the look of your clients.

Learning the skills of a beauty care specialist opens up doors to multiple career options. Not enrolled yet? No problem! We have our new batch starting from Sep 10, 2018 and Jan 21, 2019. Book now and take a step closer to achieving your dream to be a skin care expert, visit

4th “Fantasy” Fashion Show at The Salon Professional Academy

On June 28th, The Salon Professional Academy in Howell, NJ held their 4th “Fantasy” themed Fashion Show.

It was quite a Production turning the Student Salon Training Area/Clinical Floor into a Fashion Show laying down custom flooring for the Runway and live DJ with lighting to set the ambiance

Our Judges consisted of two prestigious Salons and Spas:

The TPSA Students spent the entire morning getting their models ready till the last minute working on the meticulously details.  The Students surpassed our expectations on their creativity.

With about 75 in attendees, the Fashion Show was ready to kick-off.

Evening started with the Redken Energy showing the Guests how we start our morning at TSPA.

The first group were the Senior Cosmetologist being judged on Hair, Makeup, Clothing and Nails:

Second group to appear were the Junior/Freshmen Cosmetologists being judged on Hair, Makeup, Creativity and Nail, they prepared there model by separating into two groups:

Next were the Senior Skincare Student being judged on Creativity and Makeup:

The Judges took a short break to tally the scores where there would be two winners from Senior Cosmetology and Skincare and one of the groups from the Junior/Freshman Cosmetologist.

Suspense grew as the Judges came out to announce the Winners.

First Place Winner for Senior Cosmetology went to Taylor


Runner up for Senior Cosmetologist was Rosaria:


Winners from the Junior/Freshman Cosmetology Class were Esther, Andrea, Danny and Yessica:

First Place for Senior Skincare Class was Leah:


Runner up for Skincare Class was Andrea:


All the Students did an AMAZING job!


For joining The Salon Professional Academy in Howell, NJ, please contact us via website or calling/texting 732-719-4155.