The Best Path to Becoming a Skincare Specialist

When it’s skincare that attracts your attention, you are likely to enjoy learning professional skin care techniques. Revive your passion to help others feel good and confident under their own skin, through a career as a skincare Specialist. The Skin Care Specialty beauty school programs can help you walk through that door. The professionals at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) will educate you on all the latest trends in the skincare industry.

Join the next class, which begins- Feb 24, 2020 (full time).

Skincare specialists are healers. They know wizardry of improving skin quality and enhancing a person’s overall appearance. At TSPA, the Skin Care Specialty beauty school programs emphasis on hands-on mastery of skills. You will be taught about the latest technology in skin regeneration and rejuvenation. With intensive training, you will gain the confidence to outdo your skincare practice anywhere.

The program includes:

  • Learning about skin types; best methods to treat them
  • Skincare treatments procedures; most efficient and effective
  • Professional makeup techniques; for all and every occasion
  • Treatment & service customizing; gain customers satisfaction
  • Guest service skill; dealing professionally
  • Business-building skills; how to grow clients and increase retail sales

Call to join the next, Skin Care Specialty beauty class: Feb 24, 2020

TSPA makes learning easy and fun. The mood of teaching is mostly visual-oriented so you can see and learn what to do. You will spend plenty of time practicing techniques, which you will be using in your career. By the time you complete the training, you will be all ready and set to reign over the beauty industry.